Celestial Mechanics Catalogue

Tess Jaray, Linda Karshan, Jeanne Masoero

Megan Piper Gallery, October 2017

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Studio International

10th July 2015

‘My work is about trying to find structures, a kind of contained chaos’ Jeanne Masoero

Invisible Cities, Sandra Higgins Fine Art

Press Release, 17th June 2015

‘A Journey….Take time for this journey, along winding paths leading to secret places and a subtle landscape of light and shadow, of ridges, crevices, where once cities existed.’ Jeanne Masoero

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Notes adapted from Italo Calvino’s ‘Invisible Cities’

Jeanne Masoero, 17th June 2015

‘If I tell you that the city toward which my journey tends is discontinuous in time and space, now scattered, now condensed, you must not believe the search for it can stop.’

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.BLOOM: Invisible Cities

Cent Magazine, 9th June 2015

‘Masoero’s colourful, harrowing and mysterious artwork explores the idea of “sense of place”, both physical and emotional, how we perceive a place and how it affects us. The artist went through an intimate journey of creative self-discovery visiting the Mayan ruins of Yucatan in Mexico, Guatemala and Belize. Discovering in the process new paths within and outside herself, inviting viewers to join her on her journey towards discovery of the self.’

Jeanne Masoero. Invisible Cities

Wall Street Journal, 27th May 2015

‘The dramatic landscape of the Yucatan, the extraordinary architecture and echoing spaces of the great Mayan and Aztec sites had a profound effect upon her.’ (Essay: ‘Background to an Artist’s Life’ by Edward Rutherfurd in Jeanne Masoero: A Survey by Sacha Craddock, Lund Humphries, 2002)

Jeanne Masoero Fine Artist

Radio Gorgeous, 15th June 2015

‘The latest work marks the culmination of a long process. One in which the many years of previous work can be seen as a long but coherent search, a process leading forward to a mature mastery of a complex and deeply felt technique, which develops my long-standing fascination with painting as a model of endlessness.’ Jeanne Masoero


Sounds and Colours, 24th June 2015

‘After a visit to the Mayan sites of Yucatan in Mexico, Guatemala and Belize in 1977, Jeanne Masoero became inspired by the landscape surrounding her. The journey became a process of discovery, a process in which the destination was only in the back of her mind and the real star was, in fact, the act of travelling.’