Roads, Sky

The earliest of these paintings of roads, horizons, and distances, came from the need to break the flat pattern of the white paper reliefs. Colour was used to create space to eliminate the need for actual depth and of course, once used, colour evoked images and had associations tied to it. By using tiny grains of colour the possibility of evolution was retained in each part of the painting………..The white of the canvas is a source of light, colour acting in front of it as a screen or as a shadow.

The paintings are an attempt to create, not a finite object, but a whole world into which the spectator is drawn. The long attenuated horizons continue in either direction indefinitely. The discs are of uncertain scale, they can appear vast in limitless space, or tiny but containing huge space within them, like a molecular structure.

Hilary Lane, Roads, Sky – Jeanne Masoero Paintings, Gardner Centre for the Arts, University of Sussex, May 1981