Colour Clouds

Pure painting on several counts; absolute abstraction, puritanical in the means used – tones of one colour against white background in each work is divorced from personal emotion. But it is not cold. It is, in fact, a delicate collaboration between the artist’s spirit and the paint which is poured rather lightly and then encouraged by gravity and judicious manipulation to assume form. ………Spontaneity can be controlled, precise. Feeling and serious purpose can be given direct expression free from the ego’s wilful manhandling. Jeanne Masoero describes her paintings as having to do with luminosity and expansion, of something detaching from background, becoming defined, and then emanating beyond its own boundaries to reincorporate surrounding space. But there is also implicit in the very process of its creation the dynamism of immediate, momentary apprehension; of that pre-conscious process of living which, repeated ceaselessly in kaleidoscopic form, makes us what we are.

Jeanne Masoero, Angela Flowers Gallery by Richard Walker, Arts Review, September 1972